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Ground source (geothermal) heat pumps are one of the most efficient space heating and cooling systems available today. Geothermal systems can be 50 to 70 percent more efficient than conventional heating systems and geothermal cooling can be 20 to 40 percent more efficient than standard air conditioners. In addition, some geothermal systems can reduce your water heating bill by up to 50 percent.

This type of renewable energy system operates year-round. In Nebraska, a geothermal system transfers low-grade heat from from the ground to your house in winter, while in the summer, the system transfers heat from the house to the ground.

At American Energy Advisors, we are experts in designing and installing geothermal systems that meet your needs and your budget. But don't just believe what we tell you! Get a few quotes.

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  • Ask for and use references

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Because this is such a big investment, you need to know that the system is sized properly for your home. A reputable installer will be able to produce the ACCA Manual J and ACCA Manual D design reports that they used to size and match their equipment selection for your new construction project or your existing home. If they can't do it, run.

Check out current financing, rebates and tax credit options for a new geothermal system in your Omaha-area home!

Geothermal Home
Geothermal energy is a great option for both existing homes and homes that are being built, especially in a climate like Nebraska's where the continental climate around Omaha means summers are hot and winters are cold. While a house will need roughly four times as much heating as air conditioning over the course of a year, a large portion of the heating is required during the milder fall and winter periods. Have you considered geothermal?
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Geothermal heating and cooling solutions are prized for their efficiency. These all-in-one “air-to-air” or “water-to-air” systems can provide comfort to your home more efficiently than any other type of ordinary furnace or boiler. Most units are easy to install, especially when they are replacing another forced-air system.
AEA Geothermal FAQ, NE

How much will a geothermal system cost?

The precise answer is "it depends." The initial investment will be greater than that of a conventional system, that is certain. The geothermal system that's the right fit for your home depends on several factors, including the house heating and cooling load and the soil conditions. On top of the purchase price for the equipment and the costs associated with trenching or drilling, you can expect installation costs for electrical or plumbing work, and possibly additional ductwork.

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