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Choosing a New Furnace for Your Home

August 15, 2017

There are three types of furnaces on the market now:

  1. Standard furnaces
  2. Two-stage furnaces
  3. Variable speed furnaces

Standard Furnaces

A standard, or single stage furnace, has only one level of heat output and usually, the fan motor runs at only one speed. Single-stage furnaces run at the maximum capacity, regardless of the actual amount of heating needed.

Two-Stage Furnaces

A two-stage furnace has two levels of heat output: “Low” is for milder days, which can account for up to 80 percent of the heating demands in the year, and “High” is for the coldest winter days. A two-stage furnace runs for long periods at the low setting and provides even heat distribution.

Variable Speed Furnaces

A variable speed furnace has a fan motor that can move at different speeds to control the amount of heated air that reaches the living spaces. A variable speed fan allows you to have a small but constant airflow throughout your home, increasing comfort levels by controlling temperature and humidity and cleaning the air as it circulates through the filter.

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