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Heating System Size Matters

August 17, 2017

Getting the right size furnace for your home is important. Oversized units will cost you more to purchase and run. Undersized units, however, might not be able to provide enough comfort through the dead of winter. How to get it just right?

In Nebraska, it is mandatory for new homes to have what is known as a “Manual J load calculation” to properly calculate heating and cooling loads. The heating and cooling load translates into the size, or capacity, of the new furnace needed in the home.

Older homes should also have a Manual J load calculation done for a replacement furnace, especially after any home performance measures such as air sealing or insulation have been completed. If your house was built more than 20 years ago, chances are the existing furnace was sized according to a vague “rule of thumb” rather than real data.

We have way better technology than a thumb nowadays for furnace sizing

Find out more about the importance of a properly-sized furnace system for your Nebraska home by calling AEA today.

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