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ENERGY STAR Certification for New Homes is a powerful way to distinguish your new homes in the Omaha region from the competition. Built to a higher standard than most other homes on the market, a new home with ENERGY STAR certification has passed a whole series of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), delivering better quality, better comfort, and better durability.

Saving Energy & Money With an ENERGY STAR Certified Home

More and more homebuyers are becoming attuned to the benefits of an energy efficient home. An ENERGY STAR new home can reduce energy costs by 30 percent, but it's not just about saving energy. This is an efficient building in many ways. A well-built ENERGY STAR home has a range of benefits that are easy for builders to sell and easy for homeowners to buy:

  • Reduced leaks and drafts = lower energy bills for your bank account

  • More consistent temperatures = more comfort in your own home

  • Better durability = confidence in the investment in your home

  • Improved air quality = better health for your household

  • Peace of mind = tested and certified to be better than average

ENERGY STAR for Homes falls under the umbrella of the EPA's well-known ENERGY STAR brand. It's a well-established program right across the country, with over 1.5 million certified houses to date. It is a powerful quality assurance program with an efficiency rating that ensures that your home in Nebraska is energy efficient, safe and healthy. It's just one of American Energy Advisors' Builder Services in Nebraska.

ENERGY STAR Houses are Different

We work with ENERGY STAR qualified builders in their goal to offer the highest quality new construction available in Nebraska. Certified homes are:

  • Comfortable -- consistent temperatures throughout

  • Surprisingly quiet -- very little outside noise

  • Easy to keep cool in the summer -- window placement keeps the sun's rays out

What it Takes to Make an ENERGY STAR Certified Home

Any Nebraska ENERGY STAR qualified builder can submit plans to AEA, who acts as their third-party Home Energy Rater. We review and analyze the plans to help the builder choose the right combo of features based on local conditions so that the house will merit the ENERGY STAR label when it's finished. We can provide a customized approach for any house using approved energy modeling software.

At American Energy Advisors, not only are we qualified to administer ENERGY STAR Home certification and carry out ENERGY STAR audits, we are also proven and experienced consultants to architects, builders and homeowners, working as a team throughout the design/build process to ensure that a project meets all ENERGY STAR requirements.

Contact AEA for more information about the Energy Star for Homes program or to schedule a consultation today!

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