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A mini-split heat pump can provide home heating and cooling. These are very versatile systems that can help you reduce your energy costs and improve your comfort year-round. ENERGY STAR® rated units are in the top third of their class, offering even better performance and efficiency.

American Energy Advisors installs Carrier residential mini-split heat pump systems throughout Omaha, Elkhorn, Gretna, Papillion, Bellevue and surrounding areas!

What is a Mini-Split?

So what is a mini-split anyway? It's a small capacity heat pump (that's the "mini" part). It's a heat pump with an outdoor compressor unit (that's the "split" part of it). It provides heating or cooling via one or more indoor air-handling cassettes (that's the"ductless" part). It's straightforward to install: a mini-split can be hooked up easily with a small 3 or 4 inch hole through the wall.

The refrigerant is cycled from the outdoor compressor through a small diameter pipe to the cassette, where energy is transferred to the house by a small fan that blows the warmed or cooled air into the living space.

The advantage of a mini-split is the small size and flexibility for zoning the amount of heating and cooling to individual living areas or rooms. Some models have up to four indoor cassettes connected to one outdoor unit. The air handling cassettes are available in wall or ceiling mounted versions.

Each cassette has its own thermostat, which allows you to control your energy usage much more precisely. Because of this, it's important for comfort and energy costs to have each air handling unit sized properly and installed in the best location.

The Versatile Uses of Mini-Split Heat Pumps

In new, high-performance homes with a very small heating load, mini-splits are often one of the most cost-effective choices for heating and cooling.

Mini-split systems are a great option for older homes with "non-ducted" heating systems, where the heat is delivered by hot water that feeds radiators or baseboard convectors instead of warm air flowing through ductwork.

Mini-splits can be used to boost comfort levels in hard-to-heat areas like additions or refurbished basements, places your existing heating and cooling system was never intended to service. They can be used to supply cooling to specific zones of your house, like the living and dining room area, for example.

At American Energy Advisors, we carry out an assessment of your unique Omaha area home's heating and cooling needs before determining which model and size suits your house best.

Financing Your Heat Pump Upgrade

We can also help you sort out the financing, because it can be a big investment to add or replace a home heating and cooling system!

Our HVAC team at American Energy Advisors is qualified to design and install high-efficiency Carrier mini-split systems throughout the Omaha area and across Nebraska. Call us today for a free in-home consultation!

We are Omaha's Mini-Split Experts!

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