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There are several steps in an energy audit from American Energy Advisors, but each and every one of them, whether you’re in Elkhorn, Gretna or Papillion, starts with a short questionnaire that identifies and helps us focus on your primary concerns and a review of your current utility bills.

American Energy Advisors’ Diagnostic Process

  1. We conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home's “building envelope,” or the boundary between the heated and cooled and outdoor air.

  2. We perform an insulation check to pinpoint spots where your insulation may have settled, been improperly installed, or where it may be missing altogether.

  3. After checking insulation, we run an air leakage test using a blower door, to measure the cumulative effect of all the air leaks in your home.

  4. We conduct a thermal scan of the interior with an infrared camera to explore what level of insulation is inside your walls, where conditioned air may be escaping, or even where unwanted or unhealthy air may be coming in.

  5. To test indoor air quality, we can conduct a Multi-Point Air Quality Particulate Test throughout your home with 1 micron, .5 micron and .3 micron sensitive equipment.

  6. We evaluate if your central heating, cooling and water heating systems are operating correctly, efficiently and safely.

State-of-the Art Technology for Home Efficiency Testing

We keep our diagnostic equipment up-to-date and in good condition. We rely on our auditors to apply their knowledge of home construction and building science when carrying out the diagnostics and testing portion of the audit.

Houses are tricky. Our team at American Energy Advisors auditors knows what to look for, how to confirm air leakage and insulation problems, and how to translate them into energy savings opportunities for you.

Our auditors are familiar with differing construction techniques and house types, and know where they can expect to find typical problems. In some cases, we will use the blower door and an infrared camera at the same time to confirm suspicions about hidden air leakage locations, known as thermal bypasses.

Our Energy Diagnostics Report

After the on-site testing and diagnostics are complete, we review the findings and create a report that explains some cost-effective opportunities for improving your home energy efficiency and performance. What turns up might surprise you: all the little air leaks throughout your house can add up to the equivalent of a window (or two, or more) being left open year-round!

We believe that whole-house energy assessments by certified professionals are worth every penny, so long as you can then act on what the audit turns up.

Ask how we can help you with financing and rebate opportunities for Nebraska homeowners!

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