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Many Nebraska home heating systems are controlled by one thermostat. This can lead to household battles over thermostat settings, especially in houses that have many rooms or uneven heat distribution. Many homes also have areas that are unoccupied for long stretches of time.

Stop the Battle Cries of "I'm Too Hot!" & "I'm Too Cold!"

Zoning your heating system can eliminate the thermostat battles and improve comfort throughout the house by dividing your home into separate heating areas. A well-designed zoning system meets the temperature and airflow requirements of each area without affecting the other areas. For example, the bedrooms stay cooler and the living room and family room stay warmer.

There are some common situations where zoning systems is ideal. Do you see your household in one of these?

  • High heating and cooling bills

  • Upper floor always warmer than lower floor

  • Your home has many large windows

  • Household members are at war over thermostat

Efficient, Targeted Heating & Cooling

Redirecting airflow to specific areas via modulating dampers installed in the ductwork, zoning is not just for heating! Home cooling costs can go down and temperatures can be even throughout your home, floor by floor or room by room. Your choice.

You have more choice and more control over heating and cooling delivery, which can mean hundreds of dollars in savings on energy costs every year!

Zoning systems can offer up to four zones. Match a zoning system to programmable thermostats and you can see up to 35 percent in energy savings in the Midwest, according to the US Department of Energy. Many smart temperature sensors also change automatically between heating and cooling.

Each zone has its own thermostat that maintains the temperature that you adjust and set to your liking. Some systems also have a main thermostat where you can also make adjustments to the individual zones. Some programmable thermostats that are part of zoning systems allow you to control temperature and humidity in seven day cycles.

If you are installing new variable speed or two-stage heating equipment in your home, zoning improves the peak performance level and efficiency of the unit even further. Also, if your system includes a Carrier heat pump and furnace, Carrier's ComfortZone line can orchestrate the performance of your hybrid system.

Our HVAC team can provide a perfect package of a properly sized, high-performance heating system and a zoning plan that works for your new or existing home in Omaha.

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