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American Energy Advisors matches thermostats to your heating and cooling equipment, this ensures the best features of wireless thermostats and programmable thermostats work in harmony with your system. All of the heat pumps and furnaces we install in Omaha feature  thermostats that precisely adjust temperature and some manage humidity please see a comfort advisor to find a thermostat that will suit your needs.

A New Thermostat is Not Just A Pretty Gadget

When you’re looking for a new thermostat, it’s not like buying a new gadget for your kitchen. The thermostat has a lot to do with how well your system performs through the big temperature swings we experience in Nebraska. A thermostat with the latest technology can save you money on your heating and cooling bills. However, you need to consider what type of system you’re already running, how many features you need, and much more.

Manufacturers are constantly developing new devices, and with that comes more advanced technology. You might be wary of upgrading your thermostat because you’re “techno shy,” or maybe you think your system won’t support an advanced or smart thermostat. Not to worry! There are lots of thermostats that save money, and American Energy Advisors HVAC team can recommend and install the best one for your system.

What Type of Thermostat Suits Your Needs?

A basic programmable thermostat allows you to program a heating and cooling schedule on a weekly schedule, and within each day you can choose temperatures that suit certain times. That’s it. Your system will turn on as scheduled and switch up, down or off when needed.

More complex designs and “smart” controls offer more flexibility, which can mean deeper reductions to your heating and cooling spending in Omaha. There are wireless thermostats that allow you to remotely access your system when you’re away from home or the office, and Wifi thermostats that allow you to change the settings on your system from your desktop or mobile device. Some models also tell you how much energy you’re using and what you can do with your schedule to enhance energy use.

AEA recommends thermostats that have “smart” features, easy to read touchscreens, and a simple user interface.

We especially like Carrier’s innovative Côr™ thermostat, which combines home comfort and an average of 20% savings on heating and cooling energy costs. The Côr™ thermostat improves your energy efficiency and reduces your energy costs by providing:

  • A “Smart Setback” feature that adapts to your ideal comfort levels and energy efficiency
  • Energy reports that show you when your energy usage (and costs) are highest, so you can modify your settings
  • Energy smart design that orchestrate your Carrier heat pump and furnace as a Hybrid Heat® system

With the Côr™ wireless thermostat, you even have the option to enable your system so that American Energy Advisors can perform diagnostics on your system remotely!

This Wifi thermostat is also compatible with many HVAC system types and brands so you can upgrade to remote control access and an intelligent control.

In the Omaha, Elkhorn, Gretna and Bellevue areas, contact American Energy Advisors to discuss your best options for a new thermostat!

Save energy while staying comfortable.

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